Knit on with confidence and hope..


‘May you live in interesting times’ is supposed to be an English translation of an ancient Chinese curse and it’s certainly ringing true at the moment. Everywhere you turn the news is filled with ‘unprecedented’ events and uncertainty about the future, both politically and economically.

So how to cope with so much change? You could do a lot worse than follow the words of advice from Elizabeth Zimmerman and “knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises”.  That’s what I intend to do, anyway, so my dilemma now is what to knit next (I’ve already got several projects on my needles but regular readers will know that’s never stopped me starting something new).

I’ve just taken delivery of the beautiful Laceball 100, a pure merino lace-weight yarn with a really slow colour transition. The benefit of knitting with lace-weight yarn is that you get a lot of ‘mileage’ for your money – 800m for £11.90 in this case and the yarn is so light that it’s perfect for summer knitting ( see – I’m still optimistic that we might get a summer!).


Laceball 100 in shade 2249, Tea Ceremony

So, I know the yarn that I want to use but what should the project be? Not meaning to be deliberately picky but I want a project that will require sufficient concentration to provide a distraction from all that is going on but is simple enough to knit whilst watching Wimbledon. I have browsed the Ravelry pattern pages and  narrowed my choices down to two  (no mean feat, given the thousands to choose from!) The first option is the Holey Scarf, available here as a free Ravelry download.




The second option is the Dragon’s Breath Cowl, also available here as a free Ravelry download and worth knitting for the name alone.


Maybe I’ll have to knit both – after all, they’ll make great presents.

Happy knitting, whatever you’re knitting xx

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