Back to a virtual world

Well, it’s now back to a virtual world after four exciting days at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate (well, five if you count the set-up day). It was such fun to meet so many lovely people – and to put faces to our online customers who dropped by to say hello.

Setting up the stand is always a bit of a challenge – how do you fit so much gorgeous yarn into such a small space? This photo shows the stand after about an hour and a half’s preparation – just at the stage when we started to panic that we’d never fit it all in….

But we persevered and this next photo shows one side nearly completed….

 And this is the table on the other side with the Shawl from One Ball samples displayed above…

And finally, the back wall – featuring the Zauberball Shawl which attracted more interest than almost anything else – and which was so simple to knit that it felt like cheating….