Prym Ergonomic Single Point Needles


Prym Ergonomic Single Point Needles


Ergonomic knitting needles in sizes 3.00mm – 12.00mm

Drop-shaped points for easy picking up of stitches
Stitches glide easily
Specific shaft geometry
High-performance synthetic material
Click heads work as stitch stoppers



Prym Ergonomic Single Point Needles quickly warm to the touch. They are smoothly polished for easy gliding of stitches and still allow a good, relaxed grip. The needles are made from high-performance synthetic materials to be extremely light and pleasantly flexible in the hand. In neutral alabaster white, they are designed to grace any type of wool. The needle size is prominently printed in the centre of the needle for quick and easy identification.

Light and flexible, the knitting and crochet hooks for the prym ergonomic range represent a new generation of easier knitting and crocheting while setting new standards in innovative design. Developed in close co-operation with experts, the hooks and needles are sure to impress with a perfect symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics.

Key features:

The hook tips – small drop-shaped ends of the needles help to pick up and guide the yarn safely and smoothly

The morphing body – seamless transition from round to triangular shaft means that stitches glide more easily

The click heads – ingeniously designed needle ends work as stitch stoppers and keep pairs of single pointed needles together.

Additional information

Ergonomic SPN

3.00mm (35cm), 3.50mm (35cm), 4.00mm (35cm), 4.50mm (40cm), 5.00mm (35cm), 6.00mm (35cm), 7.00mm (35cm), 8.00mm (35cm), 9.00mm (35cm), 10.00mm (35cm), 12.00mm (35cm)