Knit and Nibble


Knit and Nibble


by James McIntosh

Life’s patterns, recipes and games.

32 patterns for a contemporary knitwear collection

35 recipes for melt-in-the-mouth sweet treats

Knitting-based games for fun

“Relax and knit something beautiful as you contemplate life’s loops, knots, purls and dropped stitches”.


Knit and Nibble is a new book, written by award-winning food writer and obsessive knitter, James McIntosh. The book is a great combination of knitting patterns – starting with simple washcloths and progressing through scarves and hats to sweaters. All the garments are in 6 sizes and most are modelled on men, although the patterns can also be worn by women.

As more men take up knitting, it is good to see a book that doesn’t assume its readership is predominantly female. The book is perfect for beginners of any gender and it covers the basics, including choosing yarn and needles as well as how to follow a pattern. In addition, the book also explains how knitting can be an effective Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) activity. James McIntosh talks of how knitting and cooking helped him tackle depression and led him to a new life in “happy, vibrant colour”.

The second part of the book features recipes for some very indulgent treats to nibble as you knit. Some are no-bake – Malteser Squares anyone? – and others require some baking, e.g Nectarine Cake and Gingery Plum Cake but all have straightforward step-by-step instructions and look absolutely delicious.


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