Diceman Sock Kit


Diceman Sock Kit


Inspired by The Diceman by Luke Rhinehart, each throw of the dice determines the size of the stripe as you knit your socks

Kit includes

50g Drops Fabel Uni

50g Drops Fabel Print

50g Drops Delight

Knitpro Zing double-pointed needles 2.50mm


A dice




The Diceman Sock Kit is a fun kit for lovers of the cult best-seller, The Diceman by Luke Rhinehart. In the book, each throw of the dice takes Luke further into a world of risk, discovery and freedom. In the kit, the dice determines the number of rows you knit in each colour to produce randomly-striped socks. The socks are knitted from the cuff down and feature a solid colour for cuff, heel and toes and one shaded and one self-patterning yarn for the leg and foot.

The kit contains 50g Drops Fabel Uni, 50g Drops Fabel Print and 50g Drops Delight plus a set of Knitpro Zing double-pointed needles, the pattern and an all-important dice.

Each pair of socks will be unique so why not see where the dice takes you?

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Diceman Sock Kit

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