Boundless Beads


Boundless Beads


Size 5/0 glass beads (approx. 4.5mm)

Silver or copper lined in a wide range of beautiful shades

15g packs


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Our collection of glass beads from Boundless Beads come in stunning shades to add the perfect embellishments to your knitting and crochet projects. The size 5/0 needles are suitable for a range of yarns but work particularly well with 4ply and lace weight yarns.

The beads are presented in a Boundless Beads mini pillow box containing 15 grams.

Additional information

Boundless Beads 5/0

Clear Silver Lined 78102, Clear Iris 58135, Brushed Silver 01700, Ame Copper Lined 29010, Ice Pink Silver Lined 07712, Berry Pink Silver Lined 07722, Rose Pink Silver Lined 78192, Violet Pink Silver Lined 08228, Orange Silver Lined Matt 97000, Red Silver Lined 97090, Dusky Violet Silver Lined 78121, Purple Silver Lined 27010, Violet Silver Lined 78123, Soft Blue Silver Lined 78131, Blue Iris Metallic 59135, Aquamarine Silver Lined 67150, Aqua Copper Lined 69000, Soft Aqua Silver Lined 78134, Aquatin Silver Lined 78165, Teal Silver Lined 57710, Sage Silver Lined 78163, Green Iris Metallic 59155, Lime Green Silver Lined 57430, Lime Copper Lined 59430, Brushed Gold Metallic 01710, Topaz Copper Lined 19020, Yellow Silver Lined Matt 87010, Mix brushed Copper Metallic 01640, Grey Copper Lined 49010, Black Opaque 23980