Why I knit socks

The knitters that I know tend to fall into two discrete camps –  those, like me who are addicted to knitting socks and can’t resist new sock yarn (even though they’ve got a large stash at home) and those who aren’t. This latter group say things like ‘oh, I couldn’t be bothered to knit socks / they’re far too fiddly /I don’t know anyone who’d wear them’.

knitted in zauberball 1536

As sock knitting obviously isn’t everyone’s cup of tea  why do I love knitting socks so much? For me they just tick all the boxes. Firstly, I often knit on the move and they are the perfect portable project – small needles and only one ball of yarn make it easy to knit on the train, bus or even in the car (as long as I’m not driving, obviously).

knitted in Flying Saucers

Socks are also great for knitting in front of the TV (particularly Miss Marple or Poirot for some strange reason!) as, apart from a bit of shaping the knitting is all very straightforward. As I’ve mentioned before I also knit at folk club although many of the venues are very dimly lit – I’m not the only knitter and we have to race to grab the seats closest to the wall-lights! Still, socks can be knitted quite discretely and don’t stop me giving my full attention to other performers.

knitted in admiral 1664

The best reason of all though is the incredible variety of yarn available. This means that simple plain knitting can result in some stunning results. The socks pictured here are all knitted to the same basic sock pattern – in each case it is the clever yarn that has done all the hard work , whether stripes, patterns or faux fair-isle.

knitted in superba mexico 07

The other plus point is that they are so useful. Hand-knitted socks are incredibly warm and comfy and they fit well too – so many times in the past I’ve laboured long and hard over a sweater or cardigan just to find that it doesn’t fit me (or, even worse, someone else) and so just gets stuffed in a drawer. I find that these socks make great gifts too – the fact that they’re hand-knitted shows the recipient that you care and every pair is different. Sometimes I make the socks as an identical pair by matching the starting point on each sock and other times I just continue from where I left off so that the socks match but look different.

knitted in jawoll magic

So there you have it – I love knitting socks because they’re portable, simple, quick to knit and look amazing. These all follow the same basic pattern but socks don’t have to be simple – there are lots of complicated patterns out there to challenge the most experienced knitters but that’s another story for another day……..

Happy sock knitting!