What’s the etiquette for knitting in public?

The first weekend of the month is always busy as it’s the weekend ear-marked for the monthly meeting of the knitting group and the walking group as well as the open mic night in the Rose and Crown, Tilton-on-the-Hill. This weekend also featured the first home game of the season for my beloved Leicester Tigers rugby team. Whilst dashing from one event to the next I started to think about when it is appropriate to knit in public and when it is not.

Obviously the knitting group meeting is the place where knitting is expected – the trouble is there are so many other things going on – admiring group members’ finished projects and the work currently on their needles plus swapping knitting books and magazines – that sometimes the actual knitting has to take a back seat. So much so this week that I would have appreciated the opportunity to knit during the rugby match but, to be honest, just didn’t have the nerve. I’m working on a very simple scarf so the actual knitting wouldn’t have affected my concentration on the game in hand and I always knit whilst watching rugby on TV so why should it feel different when the game is live? Is it just me or do others feel the same?

The six mile walk through Leicestershire countryside was very enjoyable on Sunday and my hand-knitted socks were comfortable all the way. I’ve not yet tried knitting and walking at the same time but, having seen old photos of women from the Shetland Islands doing it, I wouldn’t mind giving it a go. Perhaps not on the long walks though – there could be a danger of losing stitches whilst climbing over stiles!

Knitting and walking may be a combination that I’ve yet to master but I can cope with knitting whilst sitting down listening to music which brings us to the open mic night. Everyone who wants to gets a chance to perform so there’s lots of time to listen to others when it’s not my turn. Would it be ok to knit then or would it look like I wasn’t giving them the attention they deserve?

In these days when multi-tasking is a given I’d like to think that knitting is acceptable more or less anywhere but how can I ensure that I don’t offend in the process?

Thanks to oldandinteresting.com for the image.