Welcome to the World

The latest Knit ‘n’ Caboodle knitting kit is inspired by one of my favourite novels: “Welcome to the World, Baby Girl” by Fannie Flagg.

The novel features Dena Nordstrom, a popular newscaster in 1970s America, who falls ill and returns to her home town of Elmwood Springs, Missouri, to be looked after by Aunt Elmer. Wonderful characters populate the book, particularly Neighbor Dorothy, who hosts a daily radio programme from her home (that’s her house on the cover with the radio mast behind). I love the way Flagg brings small-town America to life and, for me, this was one of those books that I was really sorry to finish.

The kit has nothing to do with small-town America or daily radio broadcasts but I just liked the idea of a small, handmade gift to welcome a new person into the world. The hat and sockees (I couldn’t decide between socks and bootees so combined the two!) only require one 50g ball of yarn and are quick to knit – the self-patterning yarn does all the hard work. Knitcol is a lovely, soft merino wool – and it’s machine washable.

So welcome to the world, baby girls – and boys of course!