The yoke’s on me…..

Sorry for the dreadful pun in the title but, having finally reached the start of the yoke on the’Killing’ sweater, I just couldn’t resist.

on to the last section now

This has been my first large project for a while as knitting socks and mittens has taken over my life in recent months. I have to say that I’m relishing the challenge and the speed at which it is growing is quite gratifying. I particularly enjoyed knitting the sleeves on four needles – previously I’ve always knitted them on two but I think the shaping looks much neater here and there’s no dreaded seams to sew up.

It will be tomorrow now before I can progress with the yoke. We’re off to join in the folk night at Easton on the Hill tonight and, whilst I can slip in a bit of sock knitting while others are performing, I think that taking a full blown sweater might cause a few raised eyebrows. Whilst on that theme – if anyone can recommend some knitting- related songs I’d be very grateful.