The joy of sox

I’ve just spent a very enjoyable morning running a sock-knitting workshop based around knitting a baby sock. This provides would-be sock knitters with the opportunity to try out all the techniques – casting on using double-pointed needles, knitting in the round, turning a heel, shaping the instep,decreasing for the toe shaping and grafting the toe –  all without having to knit loads of rounds for the leg and the foot.

Everyone found the first few rounds to be a bit fiddly but after that they were off and the volume of chatter increased – only to fall silent again as we concentrated on counting rows for the heel flap and picking up stitches along the sides. Then one by one we experienced a sense of achievement when the heel is turned and the knitting looks like a sock rather than a tube.

Although there was a lot of concentrated effort it also felt quite indulgent – as one of the participants said “I usually only let myself knit when I’ve done everything that needs to be done so knitting in the morning is a luxury”. The indulgence was also reflected in the wonderful cookies to accompany an endless supply of tea and coffee. But at least, it’s purposeful indulgence – by the end of the workshop the majority had completed one sock and even the most inexperienced knitter in the group was well on the way to finishing her first ever project. A tremendous achievement all round and several new recruits to the sock-knitting sisterhood!