Tempted by the sunshine

I was driving back from posting orders this afternoon (it’s a six mile round trip as the post office in the village is only open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday) – and I was struck by the beauty of the countryside in the last afternoon sunshine. So, as soon as I’d parked I went out again (walking this time) to make the most of the fresh air.

IStill some snow left

I enjoy walking and love the ‘head space’ it gives me – time to reflect and plan. Today’s walk was also the opportunity to test out a new version of the Hugger Hat; this time knitted in Rico Creative Poems:

It’s shown here on a dummy because, although I can take a photo of my feet for socks, I haven’t yet worked out how to take a photo of myself wearing a hat. Anyway, it passed the test and kept me lovely and cosy. The wool is really soft and I love how it has created its own stripes.

I’m feeling virtuous after the walk and can now continue with the ‘Killing’ sweater – here’s a photo of progress so far:

 I’m quite pleased with how quickly it is growing and hope to get to the armholes tonight. Further progress reports tomorrow.