Knitting without the natter

There are lots of ‘Knit and Natter’ groups around the country but you could have heard a pin drop during the first forty minutes of the latest Knit ‘n’Caboodle workshop. The half-day workshop helps knitters to get started on our ‘Shawl from One Ball’ kit.

This triangular shawl only uses three basic stitches: yarn over, knit, knit 2 together.

The yarn overs are used to increase four stitches on every alternate row: one at each end of the row and two in the middle. This becomes easier once you get going but, to begin with, requires some concentration and counting – and that is when the natter ceased. Even the suggestion to have some background music was rejected as being too distracting!!

We soon got into the swing of things and everyone found their own way of keeping track of the pattern – some found it helped to note down each increase row as they did it whilst Chris had the brilliant idea of marking the tip of one needle with nail polish so that she knew whether or not she was on an increase row. Once underway the chat resumed and, as usual we covered a whole range of topics from ‘Strictly’ to the state of the economy and put the world to rights.

From a slow start the shawl grows surprisingly quickly and by the end of the afternoon everyone was choosing another colour to knit a second shawl. I suspect a lot of women will be getting shawls this Christmas!