Killing in progress

Progress on the ‘Killing’ sweater was slower than expected yesterday due to the last minute confirmation that the book group would be meeting at my house (we’d held off making a decision until we were sure that it wouldn’t snow). Whoever hosts gets to choose the next book so I had some speedy research to do.

Our book group choice for April

Luckily I’d got the chance to catch “A Good Read” on radio 4 earlier in the week when one of the featured books was “The Shipping Forecast” by Annie Proulx. Listening to the discussion reminded me how much I’d enjoyed the book  ( it’s now several years since I read it) so this is the one that we will talk about in two months time – next month it’s Room by Emma Donoghue.

Anyway, enough of my excuses – I’ve finished the body of the sweater and have started on the first sleeve.

I’ve decided to keep the sleeves plain as in the pattern shown in issue 46 of Knit magazine, rather than have the snowflake motif round the cuff as in the original pattern:

 The sleeve is growing quite quickly and I’m pleased with how the shaping looks. However, I think that second sleeve syndrome is going to hit harder than second sock! Still, at least I’ve got the challenge of the yoke to look forward to…….