I’ve started so I’ll finish

Oh, to be a completer-finisher! The pleasure I get from casting on with a new ball of yarn far outwieghs the satisfaction of actually finishing something. Countless times I’ve started knitting the latest yarn purchased as soon as I’ve got in the door – before I’ve even taken off my coat or put the kettle on!

The trouble is that this excitement is short-lived and before long I’m looking for my next ‘fix’. Once I’m a few centimetres into my knitting I’m already planning the next project and don’t always have the self-discipline to finish one before moving on to the next. I can always find ways to justify this in my own mind – I tell myself that whatever I’m working on needs a lot of concentration so I’d best start something easier if I’m going to be knitting on a car journey or at the folk night – but deep down I know these are just excuses!!

At the moment I’ve got five projects on the needles – two shawls, a scarf and two different pairs of socks but, already I’m being sorely tempted by the yarns I bought last week at Fibre Flurry. I bought a skein of deep-coloured Twinkle from Easy Knits, a beautiful pink sock yarn from the Knitting Goddess and some deliciously soft boucle from the Old Piggery. All of these are destined to be made into Christmas presents so I do need to get on with them – in fact, I’m surprised that the skeins are still intact one week later. But they’re calling and I know that resistance is futile – I just don’t know where to start. Maybe I should start all three today – what would you do?