Caution: knitting can be catching

At the weekend I got the chance to sell my wares at the Derby Folk Festival. I was one of the small, but perfectly formed, group of stall-holders selling an irresistable range of crafts – including exquisite silver jewellery from Home Grown Silver, clothing and clogs.  I should point out that this photo was taken before the festival opened – I wasn’t sitting in splendid isolation for the whole weekend!

I took a range of goodies including knitting kits for socks, hats, mitts, baby bootees and even phone cases as well as wool and fancy scarf yarn.  I was relieved to know that I’m not the only one with the breaking strain of a Kit-Kat when it comes to resisting the lure of more wool. So many people said ” I really can’t buy any more wool until I’ve knitted up what I’ve got at home” only to succumb a little while later.

Luckily I had knitting needles too as many of the people who bought wool from me started knitting on the spot – I even had a couple of people who tried knitting for the very first time! That started a bit of a chain reaction: there are few things more frustrating for a knitter than seeing other folks knitting when you’ve left your knitting at home/in the car/in the hotel (all said to me over the weekend) so more people started joining in.

And that’s what got me thinking – music festivals are the ideal environment for knitting so why not have a combined Music and Knitting Festival? Does such a thing exist already and, if so, where? I really want to be there.