And the Oscar goes to…..

Not the shawl in question - you'll have to watch the film to see that!

Last night I went to see the film “Jane Eyre”. I thought the period was evoked effectively with plenty of bleak moorland outdoors and dim candle-lighting inside. I also thought the spirit of the time was captured well with suppressed emotions and brooding stares a-plenty. The actors played their parts brilliantly but, for me, the star of the show was the knitted shawl (or should it be ‘shawlet’?) that Jane wore in first half of the film. Maybe it’s because I know the story so well that I was able to focus on the accessories or maybe it’s a sign that knitting is really and truly taking over my life (I also spent some time hoping for a close up of the fingerless mitts!)

Anyway, the shaw was a very pleasing semi-circle shape, as opposed to the more normal triangle, and looked to be in much thicker yarn than I would have expected in Victorian times. I’m not questioning its authenticity – it is far more likely that the surprise reflects my lack of knowledge rather than any liberties with period detail on the part of the costume designer – but I’m now going to experiment to see if I can produce something similar. I’ve just got to be strong-willed enough to finish my current project first…..