Crochet for your Valentine


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. This is the perfect excuse to enter the lovely world of Ricorumi and crochet tokens of love in the shape of cute amigurumi figures and designs to get your heart racing.

Ever wondered where the word amigurumi came from? The art of amigurumi originated in Japan and, according to Wikipedia, the word is derived from ‘ami’ which means crocheted or knitted in Japanese and ‘nuigurumi’ which means stuffed doll.

Anyway, back to Valentine’s Day. Rico have just launched a new pattern booklet called ‘It Must be Love, featuring patterns for hearts, swans, flamingos, lovebirds, roses and even a cherubic Cupid. These designs are all perfect for Valentine’s Day but would also be ideal for weddings, birthdays or any occasion when you’re feeling particularly romantic.

The patterns are designed to use Ricorumi yarn – 25g balls of cotton DK in 60 stunning colours but could also be used as a great stash buster as each design only uses small amounts of yarn.

This picture shows the flamingo in the foreground and the love birds on the wall.


For the flamingo (appr0x 29cm) you will need:

  • Ricorumi DK cotton in smokey rose (10), pink (11), mouse grey (59) and cream (02)
  • Rico Creative Lame: 25g of gold (02)
  • Toy filling
  • 2 eye buttons 8.5mm
  • Wooden stick or wire
  • 2.5mm (US C/2) crochet hook

For the lovebirds (approx. 27cm) you will need:

  • Ricorumi DK cotton in candy pink (10), rose (08), coral (09), smokey rose (10), black (60)
  • toy filling
  • stitch markers
  • 2.50mm (US C/2) crochet hook


If you would prefer a simpler project then how about a single rose? You could even crochet a bunch and they will last a lot longer than fresh flowers.

crocheted_roseFor the rose (approx. 27 cm) you will need:

  • Ricorumi DK cotton in patina (38), pink (11) and candy pink (12)
  • wooden stick
  • glue
  • 2.50mm (US C/2) and 3.50mm (US E/4) crochet hooks
  • wooden knitting doll (optional – you can crochet the stem if you prefer)

Hearts also make fun decorations and these small hearts are quick to make. They would look wonderful scattered over a wedding table or attached to gifts.


For the Hearts (6.5 x 7 cm) you will need:

  • Ricorumi DK cotton in shades: pastel pink (07), rose (08), smokey rose (10) and pink (11)
  • toy stuffing
  • stitch marker
  • 2.50mm (US C/2) crochet hook

So what are you waiting for? Crochet some love today and make someone smile.