Clock-Eaters Lace Day

On Saturday, I was invited to take the Wool Zone road show to the Clock-Eaters Lace and Craft Day at Skillington, near Grantham in Lincolnshire. Clock-eaters is the historic nickname of inhabitants of Skillington and this annual day of crafts is organised by Vicky Page. The bright and airy village hall quickly filled up with over fifty people who each brought along projects including bobbin and needle lace, tatting, tapestry, embroidery, cross stitch and knitting.



Everyone was very friendly and the day passed in a whirl of activity and chat, fuelled by tea and lots of yummy homemade cake.



This was the sixth annual craft day and all have been in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People raising over £1500. In the afternoon we were treated to a visit from two puppies in training and one working dog. The charity trains dogs to help deaf people by alerting them to sounds that those of us with hearing often take for granted: door bells, alarm clocks and fire alarms. Hearing dogs can also help to reduce the isolation that can be the result of deafness and help to build confidence.


I am completely in awe of people who not only make lace but make lace and socialise at the same time! Hands holding bobbins were flying and some really intricate patterns were being created but this did not mean the room was quiet – far from it, there was a great buzz about the place all day. And just look at some of the fabulous work:


And using jewel-bright colours:


When it was time for a breather, attendees indulged in retail therapy at my stall and with Margaret and David Davis of M & D Bobbins. Thank you Vicky and your team of helpers – it was a great way to spend a cold Saturday in February. Long may your annual lace and craft days continue.