Frankie’s Blankie: a great project for 2018

The fact that I have got several works-in-progress on my needles and hooks hasn’t stopped me embarking on another year-long project. This one is a lovely sampler blanket, designed by Frankie Brown. I was initially drawn to the project by its name ‘Frankie’s Blankie’, as my youngest niece is also called Frankie, but on reading

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Knitting with Yarn Cakes

Yarn cakes are everywhere these days and are a great way to see all the colours in a variegated yarn – with balls wound in the traditional way you can often only see some of the shades and it can be difficult to see how long between colour changes. Wool Zone now stocks two yarn

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Calling all sock knitters – March is Sockalicious with a massive 25% off DROPS sock yarns until 31st March. DROPS Fabel is a 4-stranded yarn that is treated to be machine washable. It is available in 3 different types of shades: uni colour, a selection of solid colours; print, where each shade is made of

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Knit on with confidence and hope..


‘May you live in interesting times’ is supposed to be an English translation of an ancient Chinese curse and it’s certainly ringing true at the moment. Everywhere you turn the news is filled with ‘unprecedented’ events and uncertainty about the future, both politically and economically. So how to cope with so much change? You could do

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Knitting and Crochet Guild


I have just become a member of the Knitting and Crochet Guild. To be honest, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to join as I share the Guild’s values, as explained on their website: Being a member of KCG means.. Caring about the traditions of knitting and crochet in the UK.

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No-time Knits

Where has the time gone? I had such great plans to knit lots of Christmas presents and here we are, only 15 sleeps to Christmas,and barely a gift completed. Luckily, I have a cunning plan……… I love historical drama and have recently  been enjoying watching Outlander – the TV series inspired by the books of

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