Elfie slippers part two

As I mentioned in my last post, my weekend project was to make a pair of Elfie slippers in Drops Big Delight. The knitting part was quick and easy – just garter stitch and the finished slipper looks like this: It  was hard to believe that this would become anything resembling a foot shape and

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Today is a Pom Pom day

Issue 14 cover

It’s always a good day when the latest edition of Pom Pom is delivered and, as it is only issued four times a year, each issue is eagerly anticipated. Pom Pom is the brainchild of Lydia Gluck and Meghan Fernandes who set up the magazine in 2012 to show that knitting is super-cool, despite how it

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Come rain or shine

The weather certainly wasn’t on our side when we drove through the pouring rain to Ampthill in Bedfordshire on Friday evening. We were heading in convoy to Redborne Community College for Fibre East – I was driving the transit van full of wool and John was driving ‘Snowy’ (our camper van and my home for

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For the love of wool

I love the fact that are so many fabulous knitting and crafting shows in the UK. I can’t get to Woolfest this weekend as I’m going hiking in Derbyshire with a group of girlfriends. Well, I say hiking – the plan is that we will walk 10 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday

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On the road again (I wish)

Finished front

As soon as the sun comes out, I start thinking about how nice it would be to get away for a few days in our trusty old motor home. However, I can’t drag myself away from the shop for a wee while yet so I’ve done the next best thing and knitted a campervan cushion.

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Big Knit – Big Fun

Once again Innocent and Age UK have teamed up to raise money to help keep older people warm this winter. The call is out to knit mini hats for innocent smoothie bottles. Age UK get 25p for every be-hatted bottle sold. The money raised goes to help make winter warmer for old people – providing

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To Err is Human

During Sunday’s crochet workshop we were talking about how, like many knitters and crocheters, we always feel the need to point out the mistakes that we have made whenever sharing our completed projects. Why do we do this? Do other crafts invoke the same masochistic compulsion? We seem to feel this need even when the mistake

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