The Wool Wagon Rides Out

I love meeting the lovely customers who come to my wool shop but appreciate that people can sometimes struggle to get to the shop for one reason or another. Our latest thinking is to bring the wool shop to you. After all, our village currently gets a mobile library and fish and chip van so why not wool too?  We are currently trialling this arrangement in a nearby village, Houghton-on-the-Hill. Sam, the lovely landlady at the Old Black Horse Inn, has given us permission to park in the pub car park from 12.00 – 2.00pm on the third Saturday of each month.



It’s amazing how much stock you can get into a transit van so we’re able to bring a wide range of our best-selling yarns from Drops, Styecraft, Opal, Regia, Adriafil and Schoppelwolle as well as knitting and crochet kits, needles and accessories. We’ve even got room to display some samples. Customers can also order specific items online or over the phone and collect from the van.



Thanks to everyone who came and shopped at the Wool Wagon today. We hope to expand the service to more villages in Leicestershire and Rutland next year so if you would like your village to be included in the schedule, just drop us a line.