To Err is Human

During Sunday’s crochet workshop we were talking about how, like many knitters and crocheters, we always feel the need to point out the mistakes that we have made whenever sharing our completed projects. Why do we do this? Do other crafts invoke the same masochistic compulsion?

We seem to feel this need even when the mistake is not visible to the naked eye! To me, the imperfections are what give hand -made articles their unique character and ‘soul’. If we didn’t make mistakes we wouldn’t learn, nor would we discover different ways of doing things. Who knows, maybe moss stitch was created when someone made a mistake on their ribbing!

Anyway, back to the crocheting workshop. I have been knitting for nearly fifty years (where did that time go?!) but on Sunday I completed my first ever crochet project – a tea cosy. The fun tea cosy is designed by the Crochet Kit Company and  I have veered from the pattern in several places. Ironically, I think this was because I was distracted by the discussion about making mistakes! Nevertheless, I am going to resist the urge to  point out my mistakes and there are no prizes for spotting them in the photo. As far as I’m concerned the cosy is functional (although I think I probably need to buy a larger tea pot) and it has proved to me that I can manage basic crochet so that’s good enough for me.

My completed tea cosy - warts and all!

My completed tea cosy – warts and all!