Summer Days and Nights

When the weather is fine

Then you know it’s the time

For lounging about with your crochet

I love the glorious summer weather we’re having but the feedback I get from many visitors to the shop is that it’s too hot to knit and crochet. I can’t agree as I can think of nothing better than finding a nice shady spot in the garden and working on my latest project. Admittedly, lugging a whole garment or blanket around in the heat can be a bit of a challenge and that is the joy of granny square blankets, especially if you don’t join the squares together until the end

I have just finished this beautiful Summer Nights Blanket by Drops Design and I found it to be the prefect summer project. There is a nice rhythmic pattern to the large granny squares and, as they’re worked in self-patterning Drops Delight and Fabel you can watch the glorious colours change as you work – very reminiscent of a summer sunset. The cream base colour makes it a great summer blanket that would be perfect for picnics but I think it would also look stunning with black as the main colour. You can get the free pattern here

Sometimes I like to just sit and enjoy the sounds of nature but at other times I like to plug into my latest audio book whilst crocheting around. I mentioned the Mermaid and Mrs Hancock in my last blog and I’m happy to report that everyone in the book group loved it too – in fact it received one of the highest scores ever! The general opinion was that the book was well-researched, exquisitely written and told a very interesting story – an amazing achievement for a first novel.

As you know, a blanket takes a lot of hours to crochet so I finished the Mermaid and Mrs Hancock before I finished Summer Nights. So my next choice of listen was the thriller Into the Water by Paula Hawkins.

The book has had mixed reviews but I really enjoyed it. Jules is forced to return to the place where she grew up following the death of her estranged sister and starts trying to piece together what happened. The small town is full of memories and there is a fairly large cast of characters, each with their own secrets. The tale is told from different perspectives and can be a little confusing at times but the narration kept me gripped. The river, and particularly the place known as the Drowning Pool, is the atmospheric background to the story and the elements relating back to witchcraft and the death of ‘troublesome’ women provide interesting historical context. Well worth a listen in my opinion.