On with the old…..

there is an old superstition amongst Gansey knitters that if a Gansey is not finished by midnight on 31 December it needs to be unravelled and left for a year otherwise it will bring bad luck to the wearer. I’m very relieved that this diesn’t apply more generally to knitting and crocheting as my tendency to have several projects on the go at the same time means that I’ve got more than one project which will have to carry on into the New Year.

The first is my Simple Stripey Blanket knitted in seven shades of Adriafil Zebrino. This lovely Aran weight yarn is self striping in colours alternated with grey. Mixing the shades makes a very colourful blanket in simple stocking stitch with a moss stitch edging. I’ll post the pattern for free download as soon as it’s finished.

The second ongoing project is the beautiful Eastern Jewels Blanket Kit designed by Jane Crowfoot with the new colourway designed by Lucia Dunn. I’m really enjoying crocheting this and love the colour combinations – I keep changing my mind about which is my favourite. I was quite disciplined when I started and sewed in the ends as soon as I finished a motif. That has slipped a little but, hopefully, it won’t take me too long to get back on track. I’d really like to finish this in January as I think it will make a lovely Spring Blanket.

Beautiful colour combinations in the Eastern Jewels Blanket motifs

What projects are you carrying forward into the New Year?