On the road again (I wish)

Finished front

As soon as the sun comes out, I start thinking about how nice it would be to get away for a few days in our trusty old motor home. However, I can’t drag myself away from the shop for a wee while yet so I’ve done the next best thing and knitted a campervan cushion. I was really pleased to find this Wendy pattern using super chunky wool.

Camper van cushion pattern

Wendy pattern 5748


I didn’t have any of the correct wool to hand so knitted mine in Drops Eskimo: one cushion took 2 x 50g balls of green yellow, 2 balls of off white and a tiny amount of yellow (for the indicators). I also used a 100g ball of Drops Andes in dark grey for the windows and a scrap of unknown red that was lurking in my stash. It is knitted on 9.00mm needles which makes it a really quick knit.

Front of cushion cover

Cushion front


I used the intarsia method and so wound small balls of colours for each section and wrapped the wool when changing colour to avoid any holes. In some cases I under-estimated the amount of yarn required so had more ends to sew in than should be the case. Here is the wrong side of the front (after most of the ends have been sewn in).

Reverse of cushion front

Wrong side showing intarsia


What I particularly like about the pattern is that the back of the cushion looks like the back of a campervan. I also like the fact that the top is slightly shaped but it still fits neatly on a standard cushion pad – in this case a 36cm pad. The pattern says the finished cushion is 40cm x 40cm but mine came up slightly smaller, probably because I used different wool and was in too much of a rush to knit a tension square. Naughty, I know but in this case it worked out well as I had a 36cm pad just waiting to be covered!!

Cushion back

Cushion back

The cushion is finished off with back stitch for the badge and engine hatch.

Finished front

Badge sewn using back stitch

Finished back

Engine hatch sewn in back stitch

Just wish I’d thought to add number plates – that would have been a nice finishing touch.

Now, back to planning that trip……..