To knit or not to knit

That is rarely the question as far as I’m concerned as I’ll knit whenever I get the chance. However, this was the question that was posed last night at the Open Mic night at the Dog and Gun in Keyham. I play bodhran in the Main Street Band and knit whilst listening to the other performers. One of these performers is David Witcomb who always delights the pub audience with a selection of his poems. One of last night’s poems particularly resonated with me so I asked for a copy – here it is:

Pattern Al

To knit or not to knit

That is the question,

Whether ’tis nobler just to bind

And seek outrageous fortune

In developing a fit,

Or continue in the purl

To create capacious capes

And escape the linear

In an ordered sea of woolly,

Or merely just to end it

As a scarf or tie.



This is what I was knitting. It’s Louise Tilbrook’s Garter Ripple Squish baby blanket. I’m making mine in two shades of Stylecraft Sundae DK in Blueberry Sorbet and Mint Chip and I love how it is working out. The colours blend beautifully and remind me of the sea. The cotton/acrylic yarn is so soft too – perfect for a baby.


The pattern is straightforward but demands a little more counting than is ideal for social knitting so I think I’ll need to finish this at home. This gives me the perfect excuse to start another project for pub knitting – what shall I choose next? What do you knit when you’re out and about?