It’s cricket, Jim, but not as we know it…….

As England are poised to win the Ashes, it seems fitting to talk about cricket today. I must admit to a total failure to understand all the rules but I get the general idea and have watched matches at the Oval and Headingley. Well, to be honest, I mean watched in the broadest sense of the word as I view cricket matches as prime knitting time – in fact, I missed seeing a winning moment at the Oval because I was trying to pick up a dropped stitch!!

Anyway, to celebrate victory today I am going to start this cricket jumper tea cosy.





The pattern can be downloaded from┬áIt is one of a wide range of patterns that supports the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres. P-hop = pennies for hours of pleasure so the idea is that you download the pattern and then donate what you think it is worth to MSF. You get the pleasure of knitting or crocheting and they get funding – a win-win situation, unlike the Ashes!!

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