Frankie’s Blankie: a great project for 2018

The fact that I have got several works-in-progress on my needles and hooks hasn’t stopped me embarking on another year-long project. This one is a lovely sampler blanket, designed by Frankie Brown. I was initially drawn to the project by its name ‘Frankie’s Blankie’, as my youngest niece is also called Frankie, but on reading more, I discovered that the blanket is a great way to try out new stitches and techniques.

The design consists of a series of 50 patterns for a knitted sampler blanket, to be published weekly throughout 2018. The blanket is made up of 48 squares, a border and an edging, each featuring a different stitch pattern or technique so the whole project is a masterclass in knitting. As well as written instructions, charts are included for each of the squares. The blanket is knitted in 11 shades of Stylecraft Batik which feels super smooth and gives a lovely vintage look to the project. If you would like to knit Frankie’s Blankie you can buy the yarn pack here and I will donate 10% of the price to Frankie Brown’s chosen charity,  Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, a charity which funds research and supports the families of children with a liver disease.

Week One’s pattern is for a square knitted in a simple knit and purl pattern called Sailor’s Rib:


Week Two’s pattern is a mosaic slip stitch pattern. It uses lots of the colours but the joy of slip stitch is that you only knit with one colour at a time so it looks more complicated than it is. I think my tension was a bit out on this one as I had to stop one colour repeat short of the pattern, otherwise my square would have been out of proportion with the others:


Week Three’s pattern is for another textured pattern – this time with tiny bobbles dotted all over the square:


It’s back to colour in week four, with another slip stitch pattern, this time using a pattern that will be familiar to many sock knitters:


Here are the first four squares seen together. The colourwork squares are joined sideways which adds variety and helps to iron out any differences in size:


This is as far as I’ve and I’m enjoying this project. The stitch and colour combinations are really interesting and the variety means that there is no chance of getting bored. I’ll keep you posted with updates of my progress. If you’ve also started this project do let me know how you’re getting on.

Happy knitting

Julie x