To knit or not to knit

That is rarely the question as far as I’m concerned as I’ll knit whenever I get the chance. However, this was the question that was posed last night at the Open Mic night at the Dog and Gun in Keyham. I play bodhran in the Main Street Band and knit whilst listening to the other performers. One of

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Give peace a chance

My heart goes out to all those affected by the Bastille Day massacre in Nice which has left 84 dead and many others fighting for their lives. I have an apartment in the city and it has always felt like a safe place – I’ve never felt afraid there even when I have been out at night on

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Sock Yarns Rock

I love sock yarns – they make the most fantastic socks but are also good for lots of other projects, including baby clothes. The ‘smallness’ of baby clothes (if there’s such a word) makes them an ideal showcase for self-patterning yarns and it’s so easy to get a self-striping or fair isle effect without the

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Knit on with confidence and hope..


‘May you live in interesting times’ is supposed to be an English translation of an ancient Chinese curse and it’s certainly ringing true at the moment. Everywhere you turn the news is filled with ‘unprecedented’ events and uncertainty about the future, both politically and economically. So how to cope with so much change? You could do

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Early steps in crochet – my Magpie Baby Blanket

I’m still getting to grips with crocheting but find granny squares mildly addictive. My latest creation is this summery baby blanket in Patons Summer Cotton. The yarn is a deliciously soft chunky-weight mix of cotton (44%), acrylic (36%) and polyamide (20%). It’s also machine washable – a ‘must’ for a baby blanket, in my opinion.

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Chunky Cable Poncho

Spring weather in the UK can be very unpredictable so I’ve finished this poncho just in time. It’s a great garment for days like today when it feels too warm for a coat but there’s a definite nip in the air when the sun goes in. It has taken me about three weeks from start to

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My latest favourite Drops patterns

My knitting wish list gets longer every day – there are so many things I want to knit and simply too few hours in the day. I’ve already got more projects in progress than I’m willing to admit but any resolve not to start anything else new is fading rapidly thanks to the arrival of

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Beginners Guide to Knitting

I get more and more requests from people who want to learn to knit so I was delighted to receive this straightforward and helpful guide, created by Tom Melby. Tom is the owner and director of Clippers Ireland, an animal shearing company, and is passionate about wool. He has designed this guide to help new crafters learn the

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Knitting and Crochet Guild


I have just become a member of the Knitting and Crochet Guild. To be honest, I don’t know why it has taken me so long to join as I share the Guild’s values, as explained on their website: Being a member of KCG means.. Caring about the traditions of knitting and crochet in the UK.

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