And the Oscar goes to…..

Last night I went to see the film “Jane Eyre”. I thought the period was evoked effectively with plenty of bleak moorland outdoors and dim candle-lighting inside. I also thought the spirit of the time was captured well with suppressed emotions and brooding stares a-plenty. The actors played their parts brilliantly but, for me, the star of the

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Knitting past and present

Anyone who loves knitting and has an interest in social history should take a trip to the Ruddington Framework Knitters’ Museum near Nottingham, England ( I was fortunate enough to spend a few delightful hours there yestedray and found it absolutely fascinating. The museum is the only surviving example of a 19th century knitters’ yard with

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And so it begins….

I always associate September with new beginnings – maybe because I worked in a university for twenty years and September was always taken up with preparing for the influx of new students. Those days are behind me now but it still feels like 1 September is the best day to start a new blog. Welcome to the Knit

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