About Woolzone

0507cWool Zone is more than just a place where you can buy wool, its a hub where you can come to share your knitting triumphs and get help when it’s not gone according to plan. Visit our ‘bricks and mortar’ or online shop and explore our great range of high-quality yarns, kits and patterns for almost anything you could want to make as well as needles, hooks and accessories to make knitting and crocheting a pleasurable experience.

wheatsheafCome to our knitting group, every Wed evening from 6.30- 8.30pm at the Wheatsheaf, Northgate, Oakham. Just bring along your knitting or crochet and join us for a fun evening with your favourite tipple and lots of laughs. The Wool Zone is here to give you a helping hand in improving in the practical and enjoyable skills of knitting and crochet today.

3babycardiesJulie, the owner of Wool Zone, knits lots of samples (with more than a little help from her Mum) so that you can see what the finished articles will look like and get inspiration for your next project. So come and see us and drool over our lovely yarns…….